Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Consistency Of The Media Are It's Inconsistencies

The Consistency Of The Media Are It's Inconsistencies

During the course of the Bush administration the main stream media was all over the war in Iraq, documenting on a daily basis the violence and the tragic deaths of our soldiers, soldiers from other countries and civilians. These stories would be front page and would very often be the lead story on the nightly news

As the surge took effect and the violence precipitously dropped, the media somehow became silent and did not give it any of the coverage that it deserved. If reported it would be typically relegated to a page deep in a newspaper and deeper into a broadcast. That is to be expected as good Bush administration news would not be good news for the left in general, and definitely not during an election cycle.

dog on newspaper

The subject of the war and the bringing home of the troops or their redeployment was actively discussed during the presidential elections, but not really discussed much since the inauguration. As always the economic situation is the front page lead these days, but exactly where do we stand in Iraq and Afghanistan? Monday, bombings killed 34 people northeast of Baghdad, the third series of bombings this month. What are our plans going forward in this still very dangerous region?


Speaking of the Middle East, what is the status of the Obama plan to end our missile defense initiative in Eastern Europe in order to bring Russia into the mix of getting Iran to end it's nuclear ambitions? The Iran that we will sit down with us at a negotiation table and make all kinds of promises which we will ostensibly take at face value (by the way, where has Secretary Clinton been?).

For a look into what is currently going on in Iran, a Wall Street Journal editorial from Tuesday showcases Iranian treatment of political writers and thinkers, as well as providing comments made by the Iranian leadership as to it's thoughts concerning the U.S. and our new administration. All very instructive:

"Barack Obama extended the olive branch to Iran's leaders last Friday in a videotaped message praising a "great civilization" for "accomplishments" that "have earned the respect of the United States and the world." The death of Iranian blogger Omid-Reza Mirsayafi in Tehran's Evin prison two days earlier was, presumably, not among the accomplishments the president had in mind.

Mr. Obama's solicitous message, timed to the Persian New Year's celebration of Nowruz, met a blunt response from the Islamic Republic's supreme leader, Ali Khamenei: "He insulted the Islamic Republic of Iran from the first day," he said. "If you are right that change has come, where is that change?" To this, soi-disant Iran experts and latter-day Walter Durantys explain that it is merely Mr. Khamenei's opening gambit in what promises to be a glorious new chapter in Iranian-U.S. relations.

Maybe the experts never got the message about no meaning no. And maybe Mr. Obama forgot that the late Ayatollah Khomeini tried to ban Nowruz, a pre-Islamic tradition, and that both Mr. Khamenei and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have sought to curtail and Islamicize the holiday against widespread resistance. But never mind: The most telling indicator of what we can expect from Mr. Obama's overture is Mirsayafi's death, a fitting emblem of everything the Islamic Revolution stands for on its 30th anniversary.

What was a blogger doing in prison in the first place? Ask 26-year-old Kianoosh Sanjari, another Iranian blogger and Evin prison alumnus who fled the country in 2007and is now in the U.S. seeking asylum..."

Congressman Brad Sherman (D-California)

I happened to be watching the Larry Kudlow Show on CNBC and heard Congressman Sherman speaking on compensation reform and thought I had been beamed back to Russia in the mid-60's.