Friday, February 13, 2009

Rhetoric Versus The Reality Of Office

What You Say In Office Actually Matters

During the campaign candidate Barack Obama had much to say about the way that Washington has been broken, and how the failed policies of the last eight years have brought us to the economic point we are at now. He spoke of how the political insiders needed to go, and that with Change we would have fresh, non-Washington beholden blood in office free to operate without the ties that bound the Bush administration.

I think what the now President Obama will find out quickly, is that the America that fell in love with his campaign rhetoric is now going to start to ask the same questions that never got asked during the race against John McCain. Grandiose economic ideas with no potential to be implemented successfully will sometimes work during the interview process, but not once you are on the job.

Now there is no doubt Barack Obama is a great speaker and fantastic organizer who ran a pristine campaign that will someday be a Harvard University Business School case study in marketing. That being said, the campaign is over and the real work has begun.

Since his taking office, I have seen very little in the people that he has surrounded himself with, or tried to surround himself with (damn taxes) that represents change of any kind. As he likes to say it is just more of the same old Washington that got us to where we are. I lost count of the number of Clinton adminstration retreads that he tried to add or has added to his administration team.

He has overplayed his hand by setting a deadline for a stimulus package that was rolled out although it was not ready for prime time and the markets responded accordingly. He will learn that rhetoric is just that. Vague ideas and promises that on the campaign trail played very well with a media that had your back, but that are extremely hard to translate into results.

Remember Mr. President that Americans have a short memory and want to see those results. Your sky high approval ratings and political capital will, if they haven't already, begin to drop like a stone. The country is in dire economic straits and it is time to show us what you got.

Marching Tim Geithner out to give a speech to nowhere was just another attempt to try and use rhetoric in the place of cold, hard facts. You can see what works on the campaign trail when there is nothing at stake does not do as well when you are actually in charge.

This is no longer a campaign or a case study but our future and the future of our children and grandchildren.

Now people say give him time, he has only been in office 1 or 2 months and these problems were 8 years in the making (although the reality is it was more like 16 years in the making). Economically, we don't have all that much time to give him.


  1. way to jump off the band wagon mike.took you a few weeks..some things are obvious..john mccain is in the initial stages of alsheimers...he would have the economy fixed by now....for sure

  2. As is the Democrat way to divert attention from the reality of the present, it rally doesn't matter what John McCain would have done because he is not in office, Obama is.

    When we are all living in cardboard boxes you can always grasp onto the phrases, McCain would have done better? or this is because of the last eight years.

    The past doesn't matter right now. It is what is going to be done to fix the problem.

    The luxury and comfort of pointing to Bush or McCain is all well and good, but that won't put food on the table. Obama has had some painful fits and starts and he has to get his admionistration on track.

    Hopefully this "stimulus" plan that was rushed through will accomplish something, but we both know that even if it does it will be months from now.

    Good to have you back, it's been a while.

  3. rush the stimulus package thru or take time in dotting the i 's and crossing the t's...seems you would have complained either's either where is obama or why is obama taking so long....mon morning quaterback...hindsight is a great thing...lets get rush in there...oxycondone helps you see in the future...

  4. Monday morning quarterback seems to be your phrase of the day. I have the luxury of looking in at the Washington process from the outside.

    I would love to be able to say great job. I don't give a crap who fixes this problem as long as it gets fixed. When I am paying for college, car payments or mortgage payments they don't ask for my political party, just for my green.

    This economic problem is no joke, and partisan politics as always are being played by people who most likely don't have to worry about money. Maybe you should let them know that.

    Also, Rush is a recovering drug addict and deserves some respect for being recovering. Like him or hate him, but people who get through 12 step programs deserve some.