Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obama Speaks and the Markets Answer


Obama Is On My T.V. More Than I Love Lucy Reruns

One thing that you have to say about our new President is that he is not shy. He definitely likes his face time and loves to hear himself speak. The problem is that the rhetoric stays the same and the American people as well as the world markets want to see results and not just well spoken words.

Last night we had the Washington puppet show of up and down applauding depending on the side of the aisle you sit on. Hard to believe that there are typically no clapping dissenters on either side. You had the head puppeteer, Nancy Pelosi with a smirk or a smile glued on her face during what was really a somber speech about the economic condition of the country (see above).

Could it be that this is the perfect example of the fact that she does not feel any of the economic pain, but is happy about the totally partisan aspect of the occasion? Is this show of the laughing and back slapping on the way into the speech by all of these representatives just another example of how incredibly out of touch they are? Do they laugh and back slap on their way into a funeral? Not to equate the two but the country is currently in an economic ICU. How about if these representatives cut the crap and really, really tried to come up with viable solutions to fix this mess? It is unbelievable!

As Always, The Markets Are The Greatest Arbiter Of All

Well Mr. President, the markets will typically give some type of post speech bounce even if short lived if they see any aspect of hope or possibility in the things that you say. You got none of that which should be a guide to you that perhaps the need is for less face time and more results from the minions that you put into critical positions.

It is now time for you to accept your new successes or failures and stop blaming the past because the fact is that you now own this. Those that voted you into office on the sweeping promises of changing broken Washington will very quickly turn as they see layoffs, store closings and the markets continue increase and suffer.

Your administration is now well on its' way to the 100 day report card, and while you can point to things that have been passed, can you point to things that you have accomplished. There is more than just a subtle difference.


  1. hey mike, there is a reason everyone receives this e-mail blog in their junk mail sound so foolish insisting anyone can solve this mess in 30 least we're moving foward as oppossed to the past far as t.v. time even you will admit there is a psycological comfort to seeing your leaders more...this doesn't affect mike haltman but the simple main street people that you couldn't give a shit about...if you had a choice of many t.v. appearences or 3 in four years from our last president which would you take mike?

  2. If it goes into your junk, why don't you leavr it there and move on (.org). Anyway, repeat after me. This will be the theme of the Obama presidency.

    It's only been 30 days. Damn Bush and the last 8 years.

    It's only been 60 days. Damn Bush and the last 8 years.

    It's only been 90 dyas. Damn Bush and the last 8 years.

    It only been 6 months. Damn Bush and the last 8 years.

    It's only been 1 year. Damn Bush and the last 8 years.

    You get the idea. It is his presidency. He owns it. He is responsible for it. He can't blame anyone else for his results. He can't continue to use the same tired rhetoric. You get the idea.

    See you in junk.

  3. you'll be eating your words soon enough junk man...we finally have a leader that efective or not stands up to the consequence of his actions instead of running twice a week to camp david to hang

  4. Can always count on Anonymous for good and thoughtful forward looking comments that do not continue to bring up the past. Junk man?

  5. junk's what your writing

  6. More worthwhile comments from you, but do me a favor and give me the link to where you write all of your ideas.

    I hope you are not just one of those guys that has no real ideas of his (or her) own. That would be disappointing