Thursday, February 12, 2009

Morality Is Still Under Attack

The Decline Of Society Continues

Back in November of 2008 I talked about morality and our kids, but some of the commercials on T.V. for Valentines Day I'm watching has brought it all back.

Erectile dysfunction and lubrication commercials are still showing up in prime time, during pro and college games and at every other time during the day. Parents of young children (under 14) still have to answer the questions of what sex is, what an erection is, what lubrication is, why it is a problem if an erection lasts more than 4 hours as well as why the people are in a bathtub outside after taking the erectile dysfunction medicine. Sitcoms are still getting into topics that not very long ago would have been considered taboo, and probably still should be such as sex of just about every type and description.

Vermont Teddy Bear And PajamaGram

I have been watching these commercials the last few days and the sexual innuendo that is written all over them. A PajamaGram is the one way to get your wife or girlfriend to take her clothes off and a Vermont Teddy Bear (I think she's talking about the bear but maybe not) is a lot bigger than the women in the commercial thought it would be. Again, I can assure you I am anything but a prude and I personally enjoy these commercials, but from the perspective of a parent, who in Washington is responsible for controlling what goes on the air.

I understand the television and advertising lobby is extremely strong, but keeping some of the questions that are being put in the minds of children away for a little while longer may be more important than the contributions taking a stand might cost a politician.

Has anyone seen the FCC?

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