Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Congressional Testimony: Take The Train

Not Just Any Train!!!

You can't say that these Wall Street and commercial bank executives can't learn anything from the executives in other industry's.

Knowing that our leaders in Congress would focus on public relations and face time back home first, they knew that even taking a commercial plane to Washington might provide the ammunition to get blasted for squandering public funds. Taking no chances, they decided even Amtrak might be considered frivolous waste.

If you look very closely at the video below, you might be able to catch them in one of the first 5 cars.

Seriously, has Washington become so trivial, that these leaders of companies under extreme duress that is in turn causing the rest of the country extreme duress, cannot even take the shuttle to Washington for fear of the ramifications?

Absolutely ridiculous!


  1. I am listening to the testimony of the wall street and banking heads, and there must be a better use of the time of our legislators than to ask redundant and for the most part dumb questions to which there can be no answers until this ehole problem plays itself out.

  2. Hi from

    I totally agree with you! Geithner scares me. Here is my post

    From Turbo Tax to Treasury Secretary

    Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner revealed his financial rescue plan today, and it caused the stock market to plunge almost 400 points. Why did the market sell off if we are going to spend trillions of dollars to stop a depression? Because Geithner released a "Financial Stability Plan." What does that mean? Who knows! That's why the market tanked. After weeks of planning, Geithner revealed a plan with no plan. All it offered was confirmation the government will spend trillions of dollars. No specific details were explained and many questions are left unanswered. Maybe we shouldn't trust a bailout package from a Treasury Secretary who, using Turbo Tax, couldn't file taxes correctly .

    Just for fun, here's a tidbit from when Geithner was grilled by members of the Senate Finance Committee:

    Grassley: "Did you use tax software to prepare your taxes?"

    Geithner: "Yes, I did."

    Grassley: "Which brand of tax software?"

    Geithner: "I will answer that, but I want to say I take full responsibility. ... It was TurboTax."