Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cheerleader In Chief - Or Not?

Speaking Of Hope Or Hopelessness?

Nobody is looking for the President to get up in front of the country and spin the current crisis into a peaches and cream scenario. What we do look for, or at least I look for, is some semblance of hope that the administration is on track to address and solve the problem.

What I got from the speech last night was that we are in extremely dire straits, and that nobody knows for sure that the plan to be announced today will actually move us in the right direction. There are no guarantees in life except the usual death and taxes, but it would have been at least a little reassuring to hear some confidence from President Obama.

Instead I heard that the current problem is the fault of 8 years of business as usual when if the President went back and checked some facts he would find the Clinton administration is equally complicit. What I also heard was the "Change" promised has now deteriorated into the blame game, where it seems according to the President that the Republicans have been roadblocking a solution, when if we look at the bill and the pork that was shoved into it by the Democrat Senators perhaps the problem began there.

I would like to see the President become the Cheerleader in Chief, because to be honest that is what the country needs. We all know what is happening in the economy and the last thing we need is what I heard last night.

Hopefully the plan delivered by Treasury Secretary Geithner today (a key role player in the disastrous decision to let Lehman fail) will be well received, and more important than that, actually have a real chance of working.


  1. right on brother.In the Democratic lexicon change means "more of the same". Sadly I think this administration is just as clueless as the previous one on how to pull America out of this current recession.

    It took, Nixon, Ford, Carter and finally Reagan to do it the last time. Seems that time was the big healer then and it probably will be the same this time around.

  2. Agreed. This has come down to national survival and not political agenda.