Friday, February 27, 2009

Beating The Dead Horse: A Must See Video!

More Hypocrisy From The Democrats On The Mortgage Crisis, Care Of Representatives Frank, Meeks, Waters, Davis and Clay

As they typically will, the Democrats strive to lay the entire mortgage crisis squarely at the feet of the Republican Party. What they always forget is that we are in the age of television and what they say can actually be heard and documented, available to play back at a later date.

Where they typically luck out is that the main stream media has no interest in playing any of it back, for fear of being fair and balanced as opposed to the unpaid shills of the Democrat Party that they are. Here is an example from a hearing that took place in 2004 concerning Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.


  1. Does that mean that the absolute hypocrisy and pomposity of the Democrats is hard to take?

  2. ABSOLUTLEY! This is completely insane. I am putting this on my blog, and I hope everyone sees it! Thanks for getting it out there! I have words I want to say, but am avoiding! Grrr.....