Friday, January 9, 2009

Senate Democrats Go Military And Do An Abrupt About Face On The Burris Seating

Senate Democrats Go Military And Do An Abrupt About Face On The Burris Seating

As I discussed in my blog on January 7, the Senate really did not have a leg to stand on in denying Roland Burris his place in the Senate. In comparing the current position of Governor Blogojevich to that of then President Bill Clinton during his impeachment and trial period, although tainted, he is still governor and it is within his powers to name a replacement for Obama.

Apparently the Senate leadership has now come to the same conclusion, as the following clip, created by TPM/tv shows. Where were all of the "Democrat Strategists", of which there seem to be thousands, on this one with counsel on how to handle what seems to be a fairly straight forward public relations situation:

Breaking News: In what will probably be the first of many banks to agree in principle to this proposal, Citigroup has become the first major bank to support a plan to let bankruptcy judges alter mortgages in a effort to prevent more housing foreclosures. Stay tuned for more details.

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  1. that's true, you totally called it. i'm following you, there's some great stuff here. not all my views, but you play the other side of the fence well.

  2. You have a great website. If you ever take interviews, I would love to spend a half hour to an hour discussing your views on politics.

    Keep doing what you are doing!


  3. Hey Bruce:

    Thanks for the kind words. Let me know what works for you and the process and I would love to do an interview.