Thursday, January 8, 2009

Maureen Dowd Likes Caroline Kennedy: Really?

New York Times Op-Ed Columnist Maureen Dowd

So The Old Grey Lady Op-Ed column has good things to say about Caroline Kennedy in her quest to become appointed as the next Senator from the great State of New York (the paper, certainly not Maureen Dowd when referring to The Old Grey Lady).

What Are The Qualifications of Caroline Kennedy Most Impressive To Dowd?

"So I found it bizarre that when Caroline offered to use her magic capital — and friendship with Barack Obama — to help take care of New York in this time of economic distress, she was blasted by a howl of “How dare she?”

"Congress, which abdicated its oversight role as the Bush crew wrecked the globe and the economy, desperately needs fresh faces and new perspectives, an infusion of class, intelligence and guts."

"Sitting in the Senate gallery on Tuesday as senators were sworn in by Dick Cheney, I saw plenty of lawmakers who had benefited from family."

"It isn’t what your name is. It’s what you do with it. Or, in the case of W., don’t." (NY Times et. al.)

Details Please!

Besides the gratuitous Democrat slap at the outgoing President Bush, a comparison of Caroline Kennedy's lineage to all of the other family retreads that are being foisted into the upper echelon of higher office, some of the abominations who have served (Jesse Helms, Strom Thurmond and Robert Torricelli)(although she left Carolines' Uncle Ted off of the abomination list), what did Dowd actually give to me that would inspire my support of Caroline Kennedy for Senator?

She has "magical capital" and is "smart, cultivated, serious and unpretentious." So are a lot of other people in the world, but I don't think that I would want them to be my Senator either. This is really no time for on the job training. I am no big Cuomo fan, but I have to imagine that he would be a better choice if these were my only two choices.

Ms. Dowd, instead of limiting us to the choice of Caroline Kennedy or Cuomo, who out there do you think would really do the best job for the Sate of New York. As a concerned citizen, I await the answer.

Breaking news

In the event that you thought greedy and unscrupulous companies were the sole province of the United States in the form of Madoff, Enron, Worldcom, etc., Satyam, an Indian technology outsourcing company, announced that it has been cooking its books for years.

The chairman resigned, the stock plunged 80% and the Indian stock market dropped over 7%. One of the largest U.S. auditing firms, PricewaterhouseCoopers, was Satyam's auditor. Stay tuned.

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  1. The fact that her last name is her best qualification is really sad. Call me crazy, but I would really like to have someone chosen because they are actually qualified for the job.