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The Intolerance Of The Left Exemplified!!! Not For Young Eyes!

Just Out Minding My Own Business

At different times I post my articles on various forums around the internet, some conservative and some liberal. The point of posting on liberal forums is to try and generate a dialogue with people who may share a differing opinion from mine.

That does happen at times, but at times the same people who will tell you that torture is a bad thing or Bush was intolerant and overly aggressive in his foreign policy, will take a tone that you would not believe. But actually you will believe, because I will share it with you here.

Now I know that these types of responses are NOT typical. However, in my posting and reading experience on a variety of different websites, I have noticed that the responses of conservatives that disagree with a liberal position can be much different from the response of a liberal differing with a conservative opinion (although I know intolerance certainly exists on both sides).

These two posts I made, however, were not controversial, because I expect to have heated response to topics that go to peoples most basic beliefs. These did not.

As a warning, some of the language and suggestions are not suitable for those who are easily offended. Not from me of course, but from some of our liberal friends.

These discussions occurred on Facebook in two of the groups that I belong to, John McCain for President (towards the bottom), and Left Politcs for the 21st Century.

I know that I have readers from the left and the right, most if not all of whom are reasonable people, and I think both sides will be equally surprised at the level of vitriol. It may look like a lot to read, but believe me, it will hold your interest.

In Promoting My Blog As I Ocassionaly Will Do:

I Wrote:

I have just enabled the service that allows those interested to become a follower of my blog. If you are interested, I would love to have you aboard. You can still also sign-up for free feed or email delivery of new articles.

If you have never been there, stop by and I would welcome any thoughts and comments.You can read and join at, scroll down the right hand side.

Have a great weekend.Mike

Steve Tarrant replied to your postabout an hour ago

Fuck off and stop jamming up the board with your shameless self-promotion. If you've got something to say, then say it here. Do you really think anyone from this group is going to read your bullshit blog anyway? You're wasting your time you idiot.

I wrote:

Now that is the tolerance from the left that we have become used to. Good one Steve. I am going to have more of my conservative friends stop by and see what's going on.

As is typical, instead of being able to voice your criticisms of my positions, your type of response is typical. By the way, how many posts on this discussion board do you get. You should thank me for adding some content.

Hey, you guys have a great day.Mike

Steve Tarrant replied to your post53 minutes ago

***Good one Steve. I am going to have more of my conservative friends stop by and see what's going on.***

Oh, I'm really quaking in my boots. Bring your pussy hole conservative friends here, we'll soon see what they've got. I really mean it, bring them here, I love putting conservative idiots in their place. No doubt if they do make an appearance they will do what you normally do and drop one comment and then high-tail it when challenged.

***As is typical, instead of being able to voice your criticisms of my positions, your type of response is typical.

***I've challenged you before, you just ignore me as it's not in your interest to have open and honest debate, as that will show you up for the moron you are. And you need to realize that I am not being intolerant by refusing to read your shitty blog, I've heard enough of your nonsense here to waste time with that. The way you completely misconstrue the meaning of intolerance is pretty typical of right wing dickheads; the first to give offense, and the first to take offense.

You need to realize that someone is not being intolerant towards you by calling your ideas fuckin stupid, or calling you a fuckin idiot; you fuckin idiot. Now run off with your tail between your legs like a good little coward, and don't forget to tell your conservative mates to pay us a visit, hopefully they will have more to add to the conversation than your dumb arse.

I wrote:

Gotta tell you man, you must be about 3 feet tall because I see Napolean complex all over you. You sound like one tough hombre. Wouldn't want to run into you in a dark alley.Or maybe, just maybe, writing this blather is all you got.

You still have a good one man. Whatever it is that means to you.

Steve Tarrant replied to your post18 minutes ago

***Gotta tell you man, you must be about 3 feet tall because I see Napolean complex all over you. ***Oh I see, I'm not only being intolerant by asking you to say something of substance, I've also got an attitude problem. Shit you American conservatives really do have a superiority complex. If you don't like being challenged, then fuck off to one of your shitty conservative groups where you can all talk about how intolerant the left are and how Obama is really a KGB agent in disguise.

Alternatively of course, you could say something of substance here, have an open and honest debate with me, and show me up for the Napolean I am. Or am I being intolerant by asking you to substantiate your bullshit? Fool!

The following was a response to a post I made: The Inauguration Is Over: Time To Get To Work
Bob Zyerunkel replied to your post

I love halfwits like you that don't know what their country is doing for one thing, and couldn't in a million years handle a fraction of what you are quite happy to subject others to.

There is a CIA torture manual (that I highly doubt you have heard of) most of the research was done at a Canadian University (keep it off American soil of course) and it clearly outlines the best way to emotionally and physically destroy a person. Electroshock treatment, stress positions, sleep deprivation, hypothermia, water boarding, a lot of stuff that would have your sissy ass crying inside of 10 minutes and the Bush administration has been subjecting people to this for years. Yes, I said people. Just because you can't pronounce thier names should not void their right to basic humanity. Among those is Omar Khadr in Guantanamo.

Of course you haven't heard of him either, he is the canadian citizen that was imprisoned at the age of 15 on war crimes for killing an american soldier in battle. No developed nation in the modern world other than the US imprisons or tries child soldiers.

So for all the thinking world, congrats to your nation (with the exception of the dumbasses like you in this group) for finally electing an actual intelligent and compassionate person to the office of president.

You are like a kid that can't understand why he can't have candy for dinner. The kid just isn't mature enough to make sensible decisions for himself. So like that kid, the rest of the nation has chosen the president for you, and even though you aren't smart enough to know what is good for you, you will likely come to understand in time.

until then, tough luck sucker!

I wrote:

Hi Bob:There is another group called Politics from the Left that I think you would be happy with.
As a typical leftie your response to positions you don't agree with is to use name calling and the questioning of manhood as your tools.

When and if the time comes that we are once again subjected to an act of terrorism (God forbid. Sorry, I think in your world that word should not be used) that could potentially have been prevented by squeezing the information out of a prisoner that would love to have both of us dead, then a policy of no torture that makes you and the ACLU happy will have had its' intended result.

You seem to be very practiced at spouting history, but as a resident of New York City who knew people that died in the WTC, perhaps your thinking might be different.

Tickling of the feet is all well and good (oops, that's torture too - tickle torture), but sometimes the good of the many is worth the pain suffered by a man or a woman that we know wants to kill you and me both.

You see Bob, these people are equal opportunity killers. Lefties and righties, blacks and whites, Christians and Jews, Americans or French or pretty much anyone in the world that does not think and pray the same way that they do.Wake up and smell the coffee Bob.

Hey, from the right, you have yourself on great and safe day.Mike

Check it out and let me know what you think, but please, keep it clean.

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