Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hail To The New Chief

For At Least Today, Let's Put All Political Ideology Aside!!

I am a Republican while many among us are Democrats or non-political. I follow the world and the goings on while some among us could care less. I voted for McCain while many other voted for Obama or did not vote at all. What does it all mean?

We Are One America

Today the torch passes from Bush to Obama. Our domestic problems still exist as do our problems around the world. Terrorism and the economy just to name two will not go away simply because we are moving from one administration to another. We need the focus, non-partisan decision making and dedication from our elected officials to help us through these difficult times.

Criticism Will Not Go Away

That said, when things going forward are good I will say it. When I see mistakes being made I will say that as well. Tomorrow I go back to my political ideology in the things that I write about.
But for today, on this historic inauguration day, I will say this:

Good Luck and God Speed President Obama. As Americans We Are All Counting On You To Help Get Us Through Our Country's Difficult Times At Home And Around The World.

That Is A Non-Partisan Position That All Americans, As Well As Our Friends Around The World Can And Must Take.

Today, We Are One America. Tomorrow, The Honeymoon Is Over And It Is Time To Get To Work!!!

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  1. Excellent post. It is definitely time to get on with the job, and what a HUGE job it is!