Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What Is "Appropriate" Blog Material And Why Was Mine Pulled?

What topics should be off limits in a blog?

The answer is that it depends on the nature of the blog, its' stated areas of discussion, the audience that has access to it and where it is posted.

Is a blog written by or for Disney a good forum for a discussion of pornography? Should a blog about the history and virtue of war be posted by its' writer on a website that is specifically hosted for discussions of pacifism? The answer to these questions are no and maybe in that order.

Part of a blogs purpose is that when possible it will create a discussion and debate among its' readers. I twill hopefully provide some food for thought and in some cases stretch the limits of peoples minds. Not every post is a gem in any blog, but many are.

My blog on Bernie Madoff and Anti-Semitism

As I had anticipated the response to this blog on Monday was swift and diverse. I posted this blog on a variety of websites, and it was only pulled from one. Opinions ranged from positive to critical, but there was no shortage of them.

Some of the responses included:

  • This is a fantastic post. What won't be fantastic is that for the most part it will be ignored. JS
  • Your blog was poorly positioned, badly written, careless in its appraisal and too flippant to be considered an objective statement. Rob.
  • If that were the case, I could understand it, but Mike's post didn't mention sh-----s or k---s, it simply showed a blog and asked for opinion.I would be curious to know if someone complained about it through personal offence, or the fact they perceived it may be offensive to someone else - the fact anyone can call something politically incorrect and it's acted upon these days without evaluation is creeping in to day to day life more than ever.
  • I've just read your blog and can understand why it was deleted here. There is nothing you wrote that is offensive but you quote very offensive posts made by Jew haters and I don't think ________ is the right place to read those quotes.

Anti-semitism is a painful subject, much like racism or any racial, ethnic or cultural hatred. Should it be discussed? Should it be ignored? Should we stick our heads in the sand and pretend that it doesn't exist although we know only to well that it does? What is the right place to mention the quotes of haters? Hater blogs or on more mainstream blogs where those that want to believe these thoughts don't exist can remember that they do.

Who should have a forum for their ideas? The hate mongers alone or those who oppose them. Should these statements see the light of day so that those who would like to think these thoughts don't exist, or who would rather not think about it, are forced to face reality.

The purpose of a blog is to inform, spark discussion, speak on topical subjects and get people thinking at various times of topics that they might otherwise not think about.

As I said, should we pretend that these thoughts and ideas don't exist? Should we concentrate only on business ideas or on who will be the next president or the strength of the dollar against the Euro.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." George Satayana

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