Friday, December 26, 2008

Madoff And His Fuel For The Anti-Semetic Fire

Bernie Madoff Cost The Jews A Lot More Than $50 Billion!

True to form the Madoff scandal has not only cost individuals and charitable organizations billions, but it has brought the specter of anti-semitism that normally bubbles just underneath the surface out into the light of day.

I'm sure this article will receive comments that fall on both sides, but the fact of the matter is that there are people in the world that do not feel any sorrow for the people that lost their money in this scandal. To the contrary they use the scandal to proliferate the stereotypes that exist.

These hatemongers will also use the internet as the vehicle for the comments, because you are basically free to say whatever you want and do so anonymously.

So where in history will Bernie Madoff fall. On the side as one of the worlds greatest thief's, a conduit for a rise in the level of anti-semitism around the world, or both? Both would seem the most likely.

Some Examples From Around The Internet

Examples of anti-Semitic postings include:

"The greed and corruption of the Jews has brought the financial system and the American economy low." - post by "jeanrenoir" on

Ho hum, another Crooked Wall Street Jew. Find a Jew who isn't Crooked. Now that would be a story - anonymous post on

One Jew thief robs another bunch of Jew thieves - I suppose that's what you'd call a victimless crime. I suppose if he'd not scre*ed his fellow Jews - and robbed us poor gentiles it would've been absolutely kosher, eh?" - post by "XDFXDFXDF" on

"Nice he could manage to send money to Isreal (sic) and pass the losses on to US investors." - post by "cbmiked" on

"Just another jew money changer thief. It's been happening for 3,000 years. Trust a Jew and this is what will happen. History has proven it over and over. Jews have only one god - money." - post by "Adolf" on

Madoff is "another Jew banker ... The Sec is filled with Jewish gatekeepers who routinely turn a blind eye to jewish financial bandits ... It's no conspiracy that the Jews are the source of all the financial troubles in the world." - post by "Thieving Bastards" on

Nice Job Bernie, You Screwed Us All!!!

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  1. So many have suffered because of his actions, it is a shame. Who knows how long it will take them to find and sift through whatever is left.

  2. Once they find it the only ones that will get paid are the lawyers. Now that is the American way.

  3. I don't see the point of dragging anti-semitism into this. There's always a rash outcry of comments when a huge media event unfolds. I know plenty of people who have no problem with jews; I know plenty of jews who won't associate with gentiles, everything is relative. Why give "hatemongers" more notoriety?

  4. bernie made-off with the funds...i'm sure he voted republican....