Saturday, October 11, 2008

What's In A Name? Turns Out A Lot

The Commercial Mortgage and Political Hotline: The Name Is Obsolete

When I first decided to write a blog, I initially wanted to provide a forum to discuss the commercial mortgage and real estate markets, and provide insights to training and market trends.

As I am sure that you have noticed, the nature of the blog has taken a detour, and has become more of a discussion of politics, the world and the financial marketplace. Part of this has been a function of the incredible amount of flux in the world, and part has been the fact that the mortgage and real estate markets are hostage to these arenas.

Where Do We Go From Here?

First I want to thank all of my email subscribers and feed subscribers for having an interest in what I have to say and the way that I present it.

I have always had my opinions and views of our politicians and the world at large, have written opinion pieces and letters to the editor, and have found this blogging opportunity to be a great forum.

None of this is going to change, but what is going to change, for the final time, is the title of the blog. You will still receive my insight and commentary on the actions of our poltiticians, the performance and trends in the financial markets and how I see it affecting us all.

As I said before, being new to the world of blogging, I didn't really understand the importance of the title, but do now, as this is the way that people identify you and your subject matter. Going forward, the name of The Commercial Mortgage and Political Hotline, will be:

The Political and Financial Markets Commentator

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