Friday, October 31, 2008

Presidential Poll: Vote Here Now!!!

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Presidential Poll:

Cast Your Vote Now

I am conducting this poll through Monday afternoon in order to get a feel for how the ordinary American as well as the exceptional American that reads this blog feels about the candidates going into Tuesday's critical election.

What I would like hear about is who you think that you are voting for, if you are undecided, the state you live in (other than my state of confusion) and the issue going forward that is of most importance to you.

I will post the results on Monday night, and your comments will only be posted if you would like them to be.

Please forward this on to anyone you think might be interested in participating, so that we get as large a "turnout " as possible.

Presidential Ticket:

  • McCain/Palin
  • Obama/Biden
  • Other
  • Undecided

State You Will Be Voting In:

Area Most Critical In Your Decision:

  • Economy
  • National Security
  • Experience
  • Trust
  • Change
  • Other

Additional Comments:

Remember, no matter who you are voting for, get out and vote!!!

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