Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Need Tools And I Need Them Now!!!!

Optimization, key words, Google Search, SEO are all terms that we have heard used in the past to describe the tools that we need to use in order to maximize our reach and penetration for our websites and businesses. I use them myself and find them to be invaluable.

But, what tools do I use in my everyday business to maximize my reach and optimize my business. MBO is mortgage business optimization (this is necessary for industry participants as well as investors), and I use all of the tools at my disposal. Let's take a look at some key websites that allows you to get out there and mingle at parties around the country, and not just the ones in your town.

While it is true that real estate tends to be local, you never know what opportunities you will find and who you will meet by putting yourself out there. This goes for industry professionals as well as investors or those who just have an interest. The ones that I am going to mention cost nothing, although there are some excellent organizations that are well worth the price that they charge. These are the three top ones that I use, although there are many more.

LinkedIn ( ): This networking website allows you to reconnect with people from your personal and business past, but more importantly increases your potential network through the connections that your own connections have. When you are in a room speaking to a group of people, it is not only them that you are speaking to. It is the 100 other people that they know as well. This is the concept behind LinkedIn, and I would highly recommend it. It also provides you an outlet to ask questions on any topics you need answers to, and the people with that expertise will answer. I had a question about computer IP addresses, and got about 20 responses. Definitely check this out. You can click on the logo on this website and make me your first connection.

ActiveRain ( ): ActiveRain is a free online community for real estate professionals designed to help you promote and grow their business. There is also an area called Localism which is for investors. There are specific groups, one of which at least that will be of great help.

RealTown ( Another fantastic resource for reaching out and meeting people, but also for gaining information and knowledge on areas within the real estate markets that you would like to learn, or that you would like to learn more about.

If anyone has other groups that they feel would be of benefit to the readers of The Commercial Mortgage/Real Estate Hotline, please share them.

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