Monday, September 29, 2008

Congress: Do They Really Feel The Pain Of "Main Street"

Do These Guys Really Feel Our Pain?

As a follow-up to the bank bailout resolution for this crisis that may be passed this week, I just wanted to touch on a phrase that is used incessantly by the politicians as they run to the microphones in order to get their piece of face time for the constituents back home.

The phrase that pays is that this bill will not just be good for Wall Street, but will be good to minimize the pain that will be felt by Main Street.

Do Most Of These Guys Really Feel The Pain Of Main Street?

While talk is cheap, how many of these members of the Congress are really being affected by the stresses of the crisis as it wears on. I am not saying that they have not felt some pain as their houses decline in value and their stock portfolios take a hit, but I don't think that the majority feel the pain of being able to pay the mortgage, pay for college, buy a car, etc.

But they are out there talking about what the "average guy" needs and feels.

Now to be clear, I understand that not every member of Congress is a millionaire, and that there are some that I am sure do feel the same pain as you and I. But I think that many do not, and these are very often the ones that say that they do and run for the microphones.

Let's Cut The Rhetoric And Really Get Something Done For The Average Guy And Main Street That They Apparently Know So Much About!!!

Just as a point of interest, Open Secrets.Org has a list of some of the wealthiest Senators and Congressmen and Congresswomen as of 2006.

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