Wednesday, May 6, 2015

This might be the most dangerous hotel in the world!

Why most dangerous? At what other hotel in the world could a guest face beheading or amputation for breaking house rules?

Here's the issue for anyone who chooses to stay at this ISIS-controlled, former 5-Star hotel in Iraq: '...dancing, music, smoking or gambling are now forbidden and women must dress head-to-toe in black.

Members of the group's notorious al-Khansaa brigade – its female police force - are understood to be tasked with patrolling the grounds to check clients are obeying strict Sharia law.

Patrons risk amputation or beheading for failing to adhere to the Islamic rules that govern the area.' (Source)

If you have the nuts to go there have a good time but, not to good a time!


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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Very Funny Life Lessons!

H/T Max and Lill


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Monday, May 4, 2015

Win $10,000!

Because not everything can be about politics, The Political Commentator also gets involved with philanthropic endeavors!

In this case we are fundraising for the We Care Fund which is the charitable arm of the Nassau County Bar Association!

As part of its 10th Annual Golf and Tennis Classic, We Care Fund will be holding a Super Raffle with only 500 tickets sold and a $10,000 First Prize ($7,500 2nd Prize and $5,000 3rd Prize).

The tickets are going fast (we have personally sold over 30) so if you want your chance at $10,000 send an email to and we'll reach out to you with the details.

There are also sponsorships available as well as a great day of golf and tennis on July 27th at a country club in Brookville, Long Island!

The WE CARE Fund has, over the years, donated well in excess of $2 million to help more than 100 Nassau County charities!

These charities include organizations like the Nassau County Girl Scouts; Education and Assistance Corporation; Nassau County Family Court Emergency Fund; Long Island Council of Churches; Coalition Against Domestic Violence; Mercy Haven; and Interfaith Nutrition Network.

What’s more, unlike many charities, the We Care Fund has no management expenses with 100% of money donated going to the charities!

We look forward to hearing from you at!


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Chart describing (one of) the problem(s) with healthcare!

Being a doctor in America!

Remember when you were a kid and you went to the pediatricians office with your mom or dad? There was a receptionist, a couple of nurses and the rest were doctors.

That is certainly not the case today where in a doctors office the administrative staff will outnumber the medical staff by a significant amount.

This cold hard fact of massively increasing overhead, combined with massive government regulation and reduced reimbursements from insurance companies, makes the business of medicine increasingly difficult!


[The chart] outlines the growth of administrators in healthcare compared to physicians over the last forty years. And, it includes an overlay of America’s healthcare spending over that same time. Take a look at the yellow color. A picture is worth a thousand words, isn’t it?

You see, when you have that much administration, what you really have is a bunch of meetings. Lots of folks carrying their coffee from place to place. They are meeting about more policies, more protocols to satisfy government-created nonsense. But, this type of thing in healthcare isn’t fixing things. It’s not moving the needle.

What moves things is innovation.

Innovation, indeed. But it's not easy to innovate in stagnant, hyper-regulated, captured sectors...'

The proof is in the pudding here:

The question is whether this problem of government intrusion is going to get worse and, if not, what that will mean for our quality of healthcare in America?


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Sunday, May 3, 2015

'Clinton Cash' Expose'! or 'Is This Woman Presidential Material?' (Video)

Given what we already know about Hillary along with what you will learn in the video below, is she really worthy of the Democrat nomination to run for President of the United States?

In fact, is it possible that Hillary and Bill may be guilty of influence peddling, pay to play politics and, some might say, even treason for structuring a deal that provides Russia control of US uranium?

Unfortunately, the sad truth is that in the new America whether someone is actually qualified to become the leader of the free world (i.e. Barack Obama) or that they may have committed acts detrimental to our national security seem to be irrelevant points!

The low-IQ and disinterested voting public will basically go with the flow and do what the mainstream media tells them they should be doing.

And, as the J.V. team for the Democrat Party, the mainstream media will tell them to ignore any facts brought to them by 'far-right lunatics'!

At times it seems that the only thing that could destroy a Democrats chances for office would be something along the lines of making comments detrimental to the Kardashian's because reality TV is all that so many Americans care about.

This sad fact concerning the existence of a voting Sheeple class in America will make the job of politically educating the Left to the truth arduous and difficult but, for the survival of our nation, we need to try!


Here's a start from the New York Post detailing a passage from the book 'Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich" written by Peter Schweizer:

'The details of the Clinton operation vary, but the overall M.O. is fairly consistent, he writes.

One: Dodgy rich businessman, often a foreigner in the middle of a mega-deal in some corrupt country, possibly one run by a dictator, writes a check that buys him the status of friend of Bill Clinton (FOB). The check is payable to the Clinton Foundation or to Bill himself, as an honorarium for a meaningless idealistic speech that is essentially a homily at a whorehouse.

Two: When the cameras are turned off, Bill receives ultra-luxurious travel on someone else’s dime and attends a lavish party in his honor held by some dictator or shady businessman connected to the new FOB. Talks go on behind closed doors.

Three: Millions of dollars of donations start flowing into the Clinton Foundation from the FOB and associates.

Fourth: Potential roadblocks to the deal in the Senate or the State Department melt away. The business deal goes through. The new Clinton friend gets very, very rich.

Fifth: Hillary forgets to disclose these donations.

Six: The press doesn’t notice what just happened.'

Bret Baier: The Tangled Clinton Web • Clinton Cash (H/T SD)

While this video goes beyond the attention span of Americans that averages about 30 seconds, it is well worth watching!


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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Ever Hear of Jade Helm 15? How About Adolf Hitler?

Jade Helm 15 is a massive military 'exercise' that will occur ON US SOIL IN THE SOUTHWEST beginning in July 2015!

Maybe it's just business as usual and nothing to worry about or, as some fear, much more.

Those who will be termed conspiracy theorists by the mainstream media and the Obama administration see something here that is potentially very dangerous for freedom loving Americans.

The Sheeple, or those who sleepwalk while this administration does whatever it wants to do, will continue to pay no attention no matter what takes place!

Unfortunately many of the websites detailing these stories have conspiracy theory sounding names making what they report much easier for people to discount as the rantings of lunatics.

Never-the-less, as the quote below so clearly states, history does tend to repeat itself!

But first, from Obama's confidant and advisor the good Reverend Al 'Tawana Brawley' Sharpton...

From the website Now The End Begins...



“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” – George Santayana

“That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government” – Declaration Of Independence, 1776

For me, as someone who extensively studied the Third Reich and the rise of tyranny in Nazi Germany in school, what’s happening in 2015 under the reign of the Muslim king Barack Hussein Obama in America sets off warning bells of every kind. The parallels are so similar that it is actually unbelievable it is happening. But to quote Elaine from Seinfeld, “oh, it be happening”.

Right now, in the city of Baltimore, 5,000 National Guard troops have been deployed to “keep the peace” since the race baiters began busing in out of town agitators to set the place on fire. The same thing happened a few months ago in the town of Ferguson. But guess what? In both cases, these “riots” were funded and created by Democratic operatives bankrolled by George Soros. Adolf Hitler knew quite well that in order to justify a military presence on civilian streets, you had to create a compelling reason for them to be there. Obama has studied Hitler’s playbook and has become an expert in Nazi-style domestic warfare.

Since main stream America continues to blindly accept these hostile advances without much question, and the lapdog American media – Fox included – will not bring to light Obama’s nefarious deeds, the tide is rolling on and the stakes are getting higher. The military occupation of a peacetime America has already begun, and Operation Jade Helm 15 is proof of that.

The Washington Times reports that The White House tried to reassure Americans and the governor of Texas Wednesday that a planned special U.S. military training operation in several southwestern states is no cause for alarm.


Read the rest of the article here.


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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Is The U.S. Facing A Brain Drain?

Less than 50% of parents with at least one kid under the age of eighteen are saving for college!

Will this create a nation of under-educated adults or balloon an already devastating level of student loan liability in the country?

Read at LI here.


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